Thursday, November 25, 2010

always hit em with a new style

so i like my blog but i want to love it. i think the problem is that it's too self-centered. it's boring. i don't like talking about myself so gets really dull. i'm not that interesting that i can update this blog everyday (or even every week) with some new and exciting stuff about my life. and even if i were, who's really that interested in my life? i know i have a lot to say, but i think i've been saying it in the wrong way. now don't get me wrong...this blog is still MY blog. so of course it's going to be more me than anything else. but i think i just need to mix things up a little bit. music, fashion, literature, pop culture...i love that ish. so it's time to start incorporating it into my blog somehow someway. be on the lookout yall. TBSJ is about to get a makeover!