Monday, September 27, 2010

hey guys!

so i had to document myself today because (for once) i didn't look like a bum. my first class of the day got canceled so i didn't have class until 2. which meant plenty of time to get ready. so i actually did my hair and all that jazz...and this was the final product. it doesn't happen too when it does, it may call for a little photoboothing. which is of course what took place today. i honestly feel like i have nothing else to say though. today was charming. the rest of my night shall consist of a little bit of chem lab, physics, and some nylon if i'm not too sleepy by then. adieu!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

academics, dances, and some rugby

so i'm getting back into the flow of school and that's nice. my schedule is pretty good this year and my classes are going well thus far (chem, microbio, physics, masterpieces of early spanish lit, and anthropology). i've decided to take the mcat next summer, so classes for that will be coming up soon. as far as extracurricular, i'm in black student council, hype (our hip hop dance team), and women's rugby (YEAH!). and not to mention the evans scholar stuff i gotta do...needless to say, i'm a busy girl! but i really couldn't have it any other way. like i said before, i'm just really excited for this year. but on another kind of note, last night was our scholarship dance (fall alumni). it was too much fun. lots of dancing, good food and company, AND chocolate covered strawberries...mmmm. i had a really good time. for those interested, i wore: a black and gold american apparel dress, black forever 21 heels, and my personal favorite accessory of the night? RED LIPSTICK! specifically, ruby woo by mac. sigh. it was great. this afternoon was quite the different story as far as apparel goes. i traded my heels for cleats, my dress for a rugby jersey and shorts, and my lipstick for a mouthguard. haha. today was our first rugby game of the season...and we kind of dominated. 105-0 was the final score. i really don't enjoy playing any other sport as much as i do rugby. it's so much fun. i love the contact, the running, the team, the songs...haha. it's all just good fun and this season is looking really promising for us. well, this is kind of a longer post (sorry about that). it's been a while so i had a little more to say/talk about. i'll TRY to post more often...but that is in no way guaranteed. welp, guess that's all for now.

oh! and the sunglasses in the picture was my party favor from the dance. cool, huh?