Monday, October 18, 2010

happiness is a warm gun

i feel SO good right now. it's probably because i'm done with midterms. i only had one and it was chem...and it actually went well! so now i'm just celebrating by relaxing...though there are more productive things i could be doing. but ah what the hey! midterm break is wednesday, i've been working hard and am going to shamelessly indulge myself in laziness as reward. i can't wait for home. i miss my family and chicago, break is going to be nice. but in other news, i deactivated my facebook last week. it's not because i get on it too much and it's a huge distraction or anything...i just think it's kind of silly for the time being. i can log back in and reactivate it at any point, but for right now i think it's better that i just not deal with it--maybe i'm growing out of it. speaking of growing, i've had a couple people bring to my attention that i'll be turning 20 soon. when you're young, you count down the days (shoot even the months) until your birthday. but now it's just not a big deal anymore. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm excited. i love that i'm getting a year older, it's pretty cool. my mum asked me what i wanted and i said nothing..but now that i think of it, i kind of want a new phone (blackberry!). it's not a must have, but my phone has just been acting so crappy lately..horrible service blah blah blah. blackberrys are so legit and smooth and sophisticated. i feel like that's the next step. so hopefully over break i can make that happen. woo! i'm excited..for life. haha. have you guys seen willow smith's video for whip my hair? it's amazing and so is she. i love that song! what a talented little beast. i whip my hair back and forth i whip my hair back and forth

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