Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i guess this is goodbye

long sigh. i've been putting this off, but it's finally time to say goodbye to TBSJ. it's been a short journey, but a fun one at that. i just don't love this blog anymore. i was very excited about it when i first started it last summer, but now it's kind of dead to me. i won't be deleting it, but please do not expect anymore posts on here. thank you guys for reading and your support. the reason i started this blog was to stay more connected with fashion and some of its biggest fans. but TBSJ has kind of lost its way. i kind of just talk about whatever on here sometimes, which is fine, but it no longer appeals to my fashion aesthetic like it used to. SO, to revive my fashion blogging senses i have created a new blog (on wordpress)! one that is strictly about fashion. i hope you guys will show it some interest and love like you have shown this one. i'm going to miss this a little bit..but knowing how often i change my mind, i'll probably be back in no time! so look out for me guys (: much love, and please check out -MY STYLE HANDBOOK- (click the pic below) or my tumblr, -THE STEEL WOOL BLOG- ..peace! and xox -Jas

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  1. oh no please dont leave us gal..ur blog is exciting dear..