Sunday, August 15, 2010

for the love of technology

my itouch is dying. i've had it since '07 and it's finally starting to fail. i knew this was coming but i'm still in denial. first the headphone jack was acting it completely doesn't work. so technically i don't even have an ipod. i was using it for games and such with all those marvelous apps...but now when i try to sync it to my computer, it won't even finish! it says there's an error. so my ipod isn't charged, isn't synced, nor playing music. and i am NOT buying another one of these itouches! i think i'll just get a classic video or something because these touch thingies are too sensitive for my liking (which is why you'll never see me with an iphone...or any touch screen phone for that matter). just a load of rubbish! but really, this is quite sad..


  1. Looks like it is time for a new one your nails look hot though. Thanks for your comment xoxo

  2. Your nails are cute!