Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a little about me

well hello. my name is jasmine (jas) and this is my blog, obvi. this blog really has no set topic or theme...just me and my likings. clothes, food, friends, life, i'm just going to post it all. i've started out posting mostly fashion related things (that way the name doesn't disappoint). i do love fashion..not studying it though. it's more of a hobby, playtime type of thing. my real love is science and being a student. i'm a lover of all types of things, except for people. i like to be alone, but i am not lonely. oh, i'm ninenteen. um, i guess that's it really. you can always ask if you want to know more...


  1. good luck blogging!

    btw, love the ring!

  2. You're a scientist with a fashion craving?

    ooooh, we are kindred spirits. Well except you like science..Just come across your blog now and it's cool! And the name doesn't disappoint either...